David Wagner is a household name in the business communication training world.

Over the past 30 years, he has conducted over 4,000+ seminars through North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle-East for 530+ public and private organizations.

Starting his training career as a cross-cultural trainer in Tokyo, David formed his training techniques at the Fuji Xerox Learning Institute in Tokyo in the 1980’s and polished his cross-cultural skills at Prudential Relocation Management in Colorado in the early 1990’s. These initial years of in-house training created a strong foundation for assisting executives and their families to successfully adapt to living and working in multicultural environments.

In 1993, David returned to Japan as a Senior Trainer for Canning, Britain’s oldest and most respected business communication training organization. While at Canning, he conducted 600+ training seminars from over 75 companies designed to enhance employee business communication skills in areas including negotiation, presentation, meeting management, and professional writing.

David went solo in 1997 in Tokyo. Since that time, he has trained independently for hundreds of companies around the world to prepare staff at all levels to succeed in international business. In addition, he has regularly been engaged to train by the Institute of Public Administration and Management in Singapore, Berlitz Cross-Cultural in New Jersey, The University of Maryland’s Institute of International Business and Management in Tokyo, and Rowland & Associates in San Diego as an outsourced resource.