David Wagner provides one-on-one as well as group seminars to international organizations with employees who need to improve their English language and business communication skills.

David works with each individual to tailor-make programs that improve personal communication through skill development as they communicate in English. Skill focus includes assertion, persuasion, question management, presentation delivery, chairperson control, and active participation in video conferencing, global meetings and face-to-face interaction.

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His most popular seminars enhance individual performance in:

 Business Presentations (For a sample outline, click here)
 Team Building (For a sample outline, click here)
 Meeting Management (For a sample outline, click here)
 Intercultural Communication (For a sample outline, click here)
Each course is tailor-made based on detailed needs assessments of course participants. Courses are conducted in English. Participants are supplemented with hand-outs designed to aid in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in international business.


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