Meeting Management Outline

Getting The Most Out of Meetings


Be able to facilitate meetings successfully
Be able to participate with assertion and clarity
Be able to manage situations using questions
Be able to achieve desired goals


Day One: Morning

Group Discussion: Types of Meetings

The objective of this session is to increase the awareness of
participants concerning the various types of meetings that exist.

Trainees will learn that meetings are divided into categories that are distinguished by their size and shape. Round Table and Cross Table meetings are defined and their flow is discussed.

Group Discussion: Role of the Chairman and Participants

The objective of this segment is to show trainees that while the role of the chairman and attendees differs, intersection occurs at many points.

By conducting a group discussion, members come to learn that while the chairman acts as the overall facilitator whose job it is to remain neutral, participants are also responsible for achieving established goals. This is particularly the case when/if a chairperson does not perform his job.

Group Practice: Brainstorming

The objective of this exercise is to practice the concept of brainstorming.

As one type of Round Table meeting, brainstorming is a common and needed form of decision-making. Trainees, once informed how a brainstorm should proceed, practice in the context of a realistic scenario determined by the group.

The situation is video taped and debriefed.

Day One: Afternoon

Group Practice: Creating an Agenda and Solving a Problem

The objective of this segment is to understand the purpose of an agenda, learn how to construct one efficiently and solve a problem.

Taking the topic from the brainstorm previously completed, trainees conduct another brainstorm session to decide the flow of the agenda. Once completed, they then move into a full Round Table meeting that integrates the agenda into its flow to solve a problem.

The situation is video taped and debriefed.

Day Two: Morning

Group Practice: Cross Table Meeting

The objective of this session is to practice the skill of
implementing a Cross Table meeting.

A contentious issue is introduced. Opposing sides are created. Each group meets separately to brainstorm their strategy for the meeting. Once finished, they meet and conduct the meeting.

Feedback on how to handle conflict and create a “win/win” atmosphere is discussed.

The situation is video taped and debriefed.

Day Two: Afternoon

Group Practice: One-to-One Cross Table Meetings

The objective of this session is to allow trainees to practice
handling a one-on-one situation, integrating proper flow into the process.

Once a specific situation is agreed upon, a number of trainees with have a chance to interact with the trainer. The process, from start to finish, will be observed from the perspective of sensitivity, logical flow, achieving stated goals, and time management.

The situations are video taped and debriefed.